Mag. Susanne Bauer, MBA


Vienna has a long and successful tradition in matters of social housing and urban renewal policy. Initially, primarily municipal rental housing for low-income households was provided, under economically and politically extremely difficult conditions. Today, due to the increasing social diversity, housing policy is facing new challenges and answers are yet to be found: 

  • How can housing policy react on population growth , demographic changes or new housing needs and lifestyles ?
  • How to ensure the affordability of housing – especially for low-income groups and migrants ?
  • How are housing supply and housing demand developing on a long term basis –in terms of quality and quantity?
  • What is the significance of the historic housing stock in Vienna and how can urban renewal policies continue to be socially responsible without any quality loss?
  • How can housing and urban renewal policies contribute to climate resilience? Which developments are to be expected in the fields of ecology, civil engineering, energy and building technologies?
  • What correlations exist between habitation and the general economic development?

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FA ČVUT: Městská správa Vídeň, oddělení bydlení, divize pro výzkum bydlení,

Mag. Susanne Bauer, MBA, 12. října 2016