Arnau Andres Gallart

Bytové družstvo La Borda, pilotní projekt svépomocí realizovaného družstevního bydlení 


On the 19th of September 2014 we formally and legally established Habitatges La Borda, SCCL, as a mutual housing cooperative. The project is being set up by around fifty people that will live in a building with about 30 flats by the middle or end of 2017.

The main objective of La Borda is to provide the members with decent and stable housing by means of building a house where both land and flats will be fully owned collectively by the cooperative. It will be the first time people in the city of Barcelona have attempted to create a legal access to housing free from property speculation, and the project has a strong base in community. Decision-making – ranging from internal regulations and how to live together up to questions on energy planning and design of the communal spaces – takes place in the general assembly, the cooperative’s main decision-making structure. The cooperative is organized in six committees: architecture, economy, legal, living together, communication and secretarial. Each committee brings up their proposals in the general assembly or meetings with a specific focus and then decisions are made.

In some ways you could say that La Borda is a self-organized property developer aiming to create access to decent housing.It is an experience that considers itself to be a pilot project, because in the long run it doesn’t only want to build the current project, but to expand the model and promote its replicability.

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FA ČVUT: Bytové družstvo La Borda, pilotní projekt svépomocí realizovaného družstevního bydlení

Arnau Andres Gallart, 12. října 2016